Revision Appeal of the Sanctioning Special Procedure RAP

What is the RAP and what is it for?

It is an appeal to ensure the constitutionality and legality of the CRT’s rulings when resolving on SSP. The RAP analyses the INE’s CTU’s performance during the investigation stage and whether the principles applicable to criminal law are being upheld (with their nuances), the proportionality of sanctions imposed by the CRT, and the regularity of the CRT’s ruling so that it may comply with the principles of law and legal security.

Furthermore, this appeal contests the cautionary measures which the INE’s Commission of Claims and Complaints may issue, such as provisionally suspending a publicity by a political party.

Who investigates and who resolves it?

The SC is the one which know and resolve on the RAP. This is one of the exceptions to the general period of 4 days to lodge the appeal starting on the day of the acknowledgement of the act or resolution; in this case, the period is of 3 days.

Which appeal may be lodged against a RAP ruling?

Since it is resolved by the SC, there is no appeal against the rulings made in RAP.

Collaborator: Carlos Rodríguez Peraza

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