Reassessment Appeal REASA

What is the REASA and what is it for?

This appeal ensures the constitutionality and legality of the rulings of the Regional Chambers of the TEPJF and the INE General Council.

This trial may contest results of NOT’s judgements of merits about Senate and Federal Congress elections, INE General Council’s resolution about the assignment of congresspersons or senators of proportional representation, and Regional Chamber of the TEPJF rulings enforcing a vague constitutionality control.

Who investigates and who resolves it?

The SC is the only competent authority to investigate and resolve. There is a period of 3 days to lodge the appeal starting on the ruling notice.

Which appeal may be lodged against a REASA ruling?

Since it is resolved exclusively by the SC, there is no appeal against it.

Collaborator: Carlos Rodríguez Peraza

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